passion for tubes

We set the standards of tomorrow

With our vision and our mission statement, we would like to set out existing values and define future standards. Our aim is to secure the long-term existence of the company from a market economy perspective and to build on this to achieve growth. This requires Standard-Metallwerke to respond to the needs of all partners (customers, suppliers, employees, owners and society in general) and to constantly endeavour to ensure that these needs are met in the long term. We live our mission statement and work every day to realise our vision!

A passion for tubes!

1. customer
We achieve customer satisfaction with our high level of reliability, flexibility and high-quality products, while guaranteeing optimum service in a spirit of partnership.
2. change
We keep moving and work on continuous improvement in terms of jobs, recruitment and our expert know-how.
3. sustainability
Every employee has a responsibility to treat natural resources with care and to contribute to the protection of the environment and climate through their individual behaviour. To this end, we have introduced management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 and 50001.
4. person
Standard-Metallwerke is a team and treats everyone with respect and appreciation. We manage in a target-orientated manner according to rules and guidelines based on equal treatment and are certified as a family-friendly company.
5. quality
We are quality-conscious and adhere to all specifications. Our long-term company orientation is aimed at the highest process and product quality. We work in a future-orientated and sustainable manner and focus on failure prevention rather than failure detection. Our management systems are designed in accordance with international standards – IATF 16949, DIN ISO 14001, DIN ISO 50001.
6. responsibility
We feel responsible towards the company, our employees, the quality of our products and the environment. Everyone is responsible for avoiding hazards to people and the environment and for strictly complying with regulations and laws on occupational health and safety, environmental protection and energy management.
7. products
We are passionate about tubes and always offer a creative solution. We are constantly improving our products through solution-orientated action and focus on innovations and efficiency increases.
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