To the requirements of the globalised market, we react with customer-oriented solutions: our work focuses functional, qualitative and economic added value as well as flexibility. We provide optimal products and optimal solutions for every application.

Within the framework of our fully integrated project management, we support you from the product idea, its realisation and Validation up to series mass production. Due to the great production depth and our in-house prototype building, we are able to manufacture rapid near-series prototypes for preproduction series supply or necessary product design validations in every phase of development. We always carry out this development in a team process and in close coordination with you. Our five project managers and three prototype builders have professional experience for more than 105 years!

Our performance

  • Supporting your product development
  • Selection of suitable production procedures
  • Selection of suitable materials
  • Manufacturing-optimised design Consulting to reduce costs and increase robustness
  • Product validations
  • Technical consulting, including on site at your premises
  • Creation of samples, functional prototypes and mass-produced components
  • Process development of your products
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Advanced quality planning
  • Machine and tool design for maximum cost-effectiveness and high quality demands
  • Process validation and verification (internal and external)
  • Change management
  • One-stop shop for prototypes, preseries and mass-produced components


We focus on research and development. Our continuous optimisation of alloys has significantly improved the corrosion resistance of aluminium.  We use this Long lasting experience to offer alternatives to copper copper tubes.

Our rigid busbars, made of PA12-coated copper, are suitable for exact bends and are already used in mass production as battery connectors.