Founded on 28.06.1919 as Standard Separator GmbH
for the production of milk skimming centrifuges

Start and expansion of the tube drawing area, around 20 employees

Start of manufacture of light-weight bicycles, first use of the SWW (Standard-Werke Werl) brand name

The sale of milk centrifuges was prohibited by the British occupiers. As a result, the company concentrated on the aluminium tube area with around 60 employee

Dr. Horst Ulmke takes over the company from his father and decides to expand the non-iron tube area.

Start of conversions/new construction of plants with around 20,000 sqm  production area, 690 employees

Production expansion in the area of ballpoint pens and antenna cables

Inclusion of push rod tubes for the automotive industry (VW Käfer) in the production programme

Cooling tube business for the automotive industry begins to grow

Entry into the sporting goods market (surf masts and ski poles), 840 employees

Investment in a 1-MW wind energy

Market entry into the business of PA12-coated aluminium tubes (S-COT®)

Component expansion, expansion of value-creation depth of various tube processing steps

Takeover by Wilms Group with head office in Menden, new start with 250 employees

Establishment of power rails (flat conductors) on the automobile market in the context of increasing electrification

100-year anniversary