Semi-finished products

Aluminium tubes

Our core competence!

Aside from the principle of light-weight construction, drawn aluminium tubes meet the highest requirements regarding tight tolerances, low weight, high stability, good corrosion-resistance and high electric and thermal conductivity. These properties make our aluminium tubes essential in many industrial applications as well as in our core market, the automotive industry.

With over 6 decades of experience in the manufacture of seamless drawn aluminium tubes, we face the challenges regarding the functionality of aluminium as a material. We produce according to customer specifications and adapt to meet your requirements. Our technicians will help you select the best material for your application.

Main alloys

Aluminium alloy in accordance with DIN EN 573-3 Numerical designation Typical properties of the aluminium alloy
 EN AW-Al99,5; EN AW-Al99,7  EN-AW1050A; EN-AW1070A Aluminium tubes for general applications, particularly high chemical resistance, low stability
 EN AW-AlMn1  EN-AW3103 Higher stability than EN AW-Al 99,5. Same, partly better resistance than EN AW-Al 99,5. Good malleability and suitability for soldering. EN-AW3103 aluminium tubes are frequently found in
the automotive industry as liquid-conveying lines.
 EN AW-AlMn1Cu  EN-AW3003 Higher stability than EN AW-Al 99,5. Same, partly better resistance than EN AW-Al 99,5. Very malleable.
 EN AW-AlMg2Mn0,8  EN-AW5049 Resistant to sea water. Suitable to handle high stress, easily weldable, good cold forming.
 EN AW-AlMg2,5  EN-AW5052 Relatively high tensile strength, relatively good formability. Good anodising and welding properties; sea water resistant.
 EN AW-AlMg3  EN-AW5754 Good anodising and welding properties; sea water and weather resistant.
 EN AW-AlMgSi  EN-AW6060 Heat treatable alloy for Standard applications, especially suitable for decorative anodising.
 EN AW-AlSi1MgMn  EN-AW6082 Similar to EN AW-AlMgSi, though with higher stability. Less suitable for decorative anodising than EN AW-AlMgSi.
 EN AW-AlCu4MgSi(A)  EN-AW2017A Heat treatable alloy. Guaranteed excellent machining and stress resistance.
 EN AW-AlZn4,5Mg1  EN-AW7020 Heat treatable alloy. Excellently welding properties.
 EN AW-AlZn5,5MgCu  EN-AW7075 Heat treatable alloy with almost steel-like properties for particularly demanding applications.