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Today’s world without electric and hybrid vehicles is unimaginable. We recognised this trend more than a decade ago and have been supplying rigid busbars for this industry for over ten years. We can call ourselves pioneers of the busbar manufacturing. Over the years, we have manufactured more than 20 million metres based on highest quality standards, which makes us to a global market leader of this product.
It’s more than a product, we have a passion for busbars! Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like to exchange ideas.

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The coating know how has been perfected over the last 30 years and it allows us to extrude various coating materials, based on customer requirements, on different core materials. Besides to electrical insulation and mechanical resistance, this also ensures an optimal surface protection against aggressive substances and abrasion. The superior adhesion ensures further processing without wrinkling or cracking of the corresponding layer for continuous voltages of > 1,000V DC.
In addition to the already established copper busbars with a PA12 coating, our product portfolio includes a combination of the following materials:
We have developed our production technology further from classic semi-finished level wound coils. Now, we can proudly provide you our busbars with additional production steps, such as cutting to fixed length, end stripping and bending.
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