Standard-Metallwerke is your partner for customised tube and assembly solutions according to your requirements. We are specialised in the manufacturing of highly complex fuel lines, oil and coolant tubes as well as technical application tubes that perfectly complete your final product. From the initial development enquiry throughout to series production, our project teams are always on your side.
We manufacture our aluminium tubes according to the specific requirements of our customers’ demands and thus offer flexible and customised solutions for your individual task. Our experienced technicians will support you in selecting the optimum material and tolerance design for your application.

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Fuel Lines

Under the brand S-COT®, we develop and manufacture tube systems that extend from the tank to the engine for all types of fuel. Our aluminium fuel lines with PA12 coating are not only lightweight, but also extremely resistant to corrosion and media. Whether you need a single line or an assembled fuel line system with hose assemblies and filter installation, we offer the solutions according to your demands from a single source, maximising the added value for you.

Electrical fuel lines

We also develop and produce aluminium and copper busbars with our proven S-COT® coating for the electromobility and electrical engineering sectors under the name S-COT®. We offer complete solutions from the assembly of bus bars to complex assemblies with connections. As your partner, we are a leader in the connection of high-voltage batteries and charging connectors for the vehicles of tomorrow.
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Coolant Tubes

Our water tubes connect cooling circuits, heat exchangers and pumps in the power train of all car types, from fuel engines to e-mobility, as well as in applications for the vehicle interior. The tubes are assembled with brackets, hoses, clamps, overmolding brackets and other add-on parts through to complete assemblies. Our added value of the aluminium tubes and expertise in these lightweight products will help you finding the best solutions.

Oil Lines / Oil Tubes

You can find our oil lines in different car types and applications for the supply and return of engine oil. The chosen material depends on the specific requirements of your system, like pressure and temperature. The oil supply of gearboxes, electrical motors and other units are also part of our product portfolio.

Application Tubes

Our product portfolio also includes technical tubes that are used in a wide range of applications. Examples are insert tubes for complex aluminium die casting structures, tubes for supporting spindle drives in electric tailgates, oil guide tubes for electrical engines and non-automotive tubes like telescopic handles and ski poles.
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